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Hello! I’m Marisa Kabas, a Brooklyn-based independent writer and reporter. After watching the journalism infrastructure crumble over the last decade, I decided that I needed to have a place where I could share my work and thoughts no matter what. Thus, The Handbasket was born.

When I launched in June 2022, it was a side project—somewhere to publish more personal stuff or pieces I knew corporate outlets would never take. But in the summer of 2023, I decided to bet on myself and go all in on making this space a success. I’ve deeply covered former Congressman George Santos, the police raid on a small Kansas newspaper, Elon Musk’s antisemitism, and the lived experience on an American Jew.

I’m glad to have you here, and I hope you’ll soon consider yourself a ‘Basketeer.

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A free subscription says “Hey! I like what you do!,” which is much appreciated. A paid subscription says “Hey! I like what you do and want you to be able to create more of it!” Both mean so much to me, but if you have the means, do consider a paid subscription! Or give one as a gift to someone you think would appreciate my work.

The Handbasket in the news

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The Handbasket is 100% independent journalism by writer and reporter Marisa Kabas. It can now be found at https://www.thehandbasket.co/


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